Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogging Star Award

The Blogging Star award was created just this week, by a blogger I have mentioned a short time ago, Skittles. I checked out her blog, Skittles Place after she left a comment here. Skittles keeps an upbeat attitude in spite of the struggles she has faced in life. She celebrated her first anniversary as a blogger last week and a few days before that she celebrated post number 2000. I'm a few posts away from 300.

Anyway the award got around and I was awarded it by Mel Kaye. Mr. Monday Morning Power himself. He asked those who were awarded this honor to spread the love and award this to those whose blogs have touched us in a special way....So...In no special order...

The first blogging star goes to Cleveland Classic Media. Tim does a great job in turning a hobby of his into a great source of information for us Cleveland radio and tv fans.

Next blogging star goes to Ohio Media Watch, our eyes and ears that catches what's happening for those of us that want to know about our favorite media outlets in Ohio.

Now I award this one to Media Matters. Struke uses this blog as a teaching tool for his students.

Northeast Ohio Radio Report gets this one for two reasons: First they show a lot of guts not censoring their comments, and second, they have a link to this blog there.

Once again keeping it local University of Akron Zips blog gets a nod as I have some of those alumni who read this page.

Now leaving the area to award these: First star goes to Pilgrim's Scrawl. Show this off to Virtue, but not during House. Oh, and he lives in New Brunswick.

Being Steve is next on my list, even though he is a Steeler's fan. Just do me a favor. Do something so we can make comments on your blog.

Liquid was awarded the Blogging Star on the same post as I, but because it was either ladies before gentlemen, but more than likely he was awarding the blogs in alphabetical order. Anyway, Liquid, make room in your trophy case for this one. I award my last blogging star to Liquid Illuzion, a blog becoming more and more popular in the Buckeye State.

Now I ask of you the same thing that was asked of me, Spread the Love and award the blogs that impact you the most.


Liquid said...

Houston, I'm ON IT!
I am so flatterd!

now let's see........
A new list evolves. lol

Tim Lones said...

I am humbled you would give me a "star"..A great honor comeing from you.

Just a word about Sitemeter:I am amazed at what all you can do with it. You can actually see what some people are searching,,I've had folks from Canada and Hawaii check in..Today my first from Europe (Scotland)..Since starting last Thursday, Ive had as of 5PM today I've had 560 visitors..Some even from CBS and Clear Channel..Awesome gadget...

74WIXYgrad said...


1) You should be paid for the work you do on your blag.

2)You saw how much fun I had with my sitemeter last week ;)

Anonymous said...

Forget the Emmys.

I've now got a Blogging Star Award!

Thanks Cliff, I'll treasure it always.

--Don Olson

Pilgrim said...

Thank you Cliff. It is an honour to receive an award from a respected blogger such as yourself.