Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A blog brought to my attention

Going through the comments today on my blog, I noticed a comment by a blogger calling herself "Skittles". I clicked on her picture, and was taken to her profile. Skittles was born and raised in Florida then in 1978 moved to that state up north. Despite that I will post a link to her blog, called "Skittles Place." Skittles, also known as Barb, has put a lot of work in her blog, including having theme days, and blogging about things she feels strongly about.

Skittles Place makes maximum use of widgets provided by Blogger. Barb puts a lot of work into her labor of love.

Check it out. Taste the rainbow. You can even rate the posts without posting comments, just by clicking a button below the blog.

Oh and Skittles, I was only kidding about your preference to maize and blue, but scarlet and gray are better colors.

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