Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Monday Blues

As those who faithfully read this blog know, I enjoy watching NASCAR. And anyone who lives around here knows we have had constant rain since Saturday night. Well this week's race was scheduled to be run in Michigan and guess what? They have had constant rain too. At the time I write this the race has been postponed until tomorrow(Tuesday) at 10:00am. I am glad that the only AM radio station I can receive in my office is the ESPN affiliate, KNR2, and they do carry the races.

Flood warnings abound: I had heard today on the news where a man was stuck in his car, evidently trying to drive through a car through a very deep puddle. The only smart thing this man evidently had done was use his cell phone to call 911 and have a fireman carry him out of his car into safety. Don't try this at home.

About my mower: I had gone to mow my lawn this past Saturday and found my mower somewhat dismantled. I had to call around to get the parts to get my mower. It's a Craftsman, and I couldn't get the necessary parts at Sears Hardware. That's aggravation. That's also life, and as my son reminded me, Rittman isn't Mayberry.


wzzp said...

I wish I lived in Mayberry. Know how to get there?

david5258 said...

zipper--to get to mayberry, go south 300 miles on memory lane, turn east 55 miles on tvland, turn south 2 miles on nickatnite and turn right 2miles on mayberry square. stop into the sherriffs department and ask barney where andy is. enjoy!!!!---david 5258

Pilgrim said...

RIGHT ON! NASCAR on Tuesday! I'll have to find an ESPN site on the web and listen from my desk.