Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good guy moves

I had read it first over at Ohio Media Watch today, then I heard Trivisonno talk about it on his program. Terry Pluto is leaving the Akron Beacon Journal to become the head sports columnist for the Plain Dealer.

Terry Pluto has been for years one of my favorite writers. He went up a few more notches after he professed faith in the Lord and started writing his "Everyday Faith" columns.

It was something I saw him do personally that made me even more of a fan, so to speak.

It was the Friday before Mother's Day, 2004 and Terry was speaking at the Berean Book Store in Montrose. I I had taken my brother and sister with me to hear him speak. My brother has been in a wheelchair since 1987, and has had a problem with epilepsy most of his life. He's also a big sports fan.

Terry was getting chairs for those who were arriving at the last minute, and he made space in the front for my brother's chair. He would introduce himself "Hi, I'm Terry". He appeared very humble for someone who has written the amount of books he has, and received all the journalistic awards that he has received.

He had made a point to give my brother a lot of attention that evening, even remembering his name. That left a great impression on my brother.

I had remarked about setting out the extra chairs to Terry and he told me that he was used to doing that in his jail ministry(he helps with a Bible study at the Summit County Jail every Wednesday) so this wasn't a big deal to him. He then asked me questions about my brother, showing genuine interest. That left a great impression upon me.

He's still at the Beacon Journal for another two weeks. Check out his columns at Ohio.com.


Rich in Medina said...

His move to me is bitter sweet. Terry Pluto is one of the main reasons I opt for the ABJ over the PD when I pick up a paper in the morning. As a result, I am able to catch up on other Akron area news. I am afraid now I will become more Cleveland than Akron.

74WIXYgrad said...

Of course the only good columnist left at the Beacon will be Bob Dyer.

I will probably just go to Cleveland.com to get Pluto's column.

Skittles said...

He sounds like a good man.

wzzp said...

I read both papers on line. I'm too "good with money" (cheap) to subscribe to a newspaper.

Dave Ramsey Rules!