Monday, August 27, 2007

Party going on

Liquid has thrown a party in my honor today at her blog, Liquid Illuzion. She has invited us all over for some banana pudding, and posted some photos in the spirit of the 1973 Promotion and jingle of WIXY/1260. All together now-WIXY's gone bananas, join the bunch. I will be posting about this very special friend in the next couple of days, as I continue my year in review.


Liquid said...

Ya'll come on over! Do NOT make me eat this pudding by myself!

cathouse teri said...

Tell ya what, my mouth is watering for some of that damn banana pudding! Happy Anniversary, banana guy!

Mike Dane said...

Congratulations Cliff. Here's to a
great year past and a great year
ahead. Keep up the great work.

Liquid said...

Oh no........I seemed to have coined you "The Banana Guy".......not my intention, but, um, I hope you forgive me for that one! lol