Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I tell those I come across all the time, "I have a blog." The response is either, "Okay" or "That's great". And sometimes it's "What's the web address?" Here are some of my everyday friends who visit this blog.

Mary Ann works in the materials department of the company that I work for. She tells me that she reads the blog everyday. She also is a great source of encouragement and tells me that maybe this fulfills my dream of being in mass communication.

Al, right, is the head of the safety department of my company. I serve as his go-fer on occasion and also as his personal spell check. Al is another great source of encouragement. At the left is Bill, the Company President. He doesn't read the blog.

To your right is two ladies from the group, which I refer to as the World's Greatest Band Boosters, or WGBB for short. Luann and Brenda have made things more of a joy for me as I perform my labor of love and announce band shows and halftime performances. Brenda reads my musings every day and leaves comments there often.
All these kind people along with my online friends help make this blog something I look forward to writing on a regular basis.

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Liquid said...

Looks like an awesome team you've got there! Now I know how you do it all! :)