Monday, August 27, 2007


As I have stated many times, my blogging activity had come from my presence on local message boards, mainly media related. I have added to my list of friends since I started writing this blog one year ago today. Here are some from my local list. Those who have trusted me with their identity, will be mentioned by their forum names.

WZZP-Started out on the boards as RIPJoelRose, a name he used as a tribute to the late newscaster. On the boards I didn't know how to take him at first, but once we made email contact he became one of my biggest supporters, and a real help when I had a bout with depression this past winter. We also share an imaginary friend, Levi.

BizDecision-We became associated with each other when he found out I had shared the pressbox at times during high school band shows with his former boss. We also share some common interests, such as pro wrestling(from the 80's), American Idol, and working with high school students, as Biz took his love for the media and started teaching it to high school students.

Mike Dane-Host of the all request show on the Sunday Oldies Jukebox. We spent an hour on the phone a few months back when my former computer decided to crash, as he is also a computer geek. One of those who goes on the forums and gives me a few laughs. Can be a smart aleck at times, which is necessary for survival on the boards. Mike also has written a few posts in a blog called "This Wild World." We need to get him jump started.

Tim Lones: Someone I have looked up to on the boards his knowledge of old television and radio is impressive to say the least. He has taken his love for this and started his own, very popular blog called "Cleveland Classic Media." You can tell by looking at his posts there that he works hard at it too. He has also mentioned that he has been inspired by Ohio Media Watch, and by this blog. That makes me feel good. Tim is also a very devoted Christian.

The last friend I will mention is JimOhio. As I have said in the past, Jim is a fan of talk radio. His presence on the message boards reminds me that the word "fan" is short for "fanatic". Jim is one of those who uses the boards as an escape from everyday life. In real life he is a CPA.

These folks, along with those previously mentioned, encourage me to do my best while I'm at the keyboard.

Next: Readers who are part of my everyday life.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the Cloning Crisis of 2006 I would still be RIPJoelRose.

We'll always have Levi, Greenleaf, Route 83, fried chicken, the Red Barn, MASH, depression, Dave Ramsey and wives that give us strange looks because of our odd ball interests.

Your inspiration, your wisdom, your trust, your fellowship, your guidance, your love for God. We can all learn from you Cliff. Cliche time - they broke the mold after you were made.

Take care. Thanks for this outlet of positive existence.

Tim Lones said...

Cliff..Thanks for your friendshp first of all..and for your shameless plugging of my, I am so honored to be a friend to you though we've never met in person. What i like about you among many things is that you are REAL..There are some folks who dont seem to handle you being real very well...Congratulations on your blog anniversary..Take care .

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This blog is an example of something positive that can be done on the web. It's a nice oasis from the crap online.