Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Voice of Cleveland was rude to me

To those of my friends who reside outside of the Northeast Ohio area, let me apologize in advance. The person who is called "the Voice of Cleveland" is not truly representative of all of us who live here in Northeast Ohio. We couldn't be that rude if we tried.

The voice in question is a radio personality named Mike Trivisonno. He is on from 3-7:00pm on WTAM/1100. He was also at one time a caller on a sports talk show known as Mr. Know it all. He also reminds me of a television star-Fred Flintstone.

He talks about family values in one sentence, and in the next will take the Lord's name in vain. And don't you ever call up and disagree with what he says. He feels that everybody is entitled to HIS opinion. His and no other. If he doesn't like your opinion he will tell you to kiss his (rear).He also eats while his microphone is open.

I met two of his producers last summer, Paul Rado and Alison, when they come to my place of employment for a promotion. Those two were really nice to me, and spent time talking to me after the remote was over.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Trivisonno was talking about the Listening Party forum, of which I first took on the name 74WIXYgrad. He said that those who posted there had no (guts) to use their own names. I took issue with that because I am about the most transparent one on that forum.

I called the show. I called the phone screener exactly what I wanted to say and I was put on "ignore" for about 50 minutes. I was then put on the air and told the host that I posted on the forum. Triv asked me why I didn't use my own name and I told him that I was never in the business and that WIXYgrad was a branding I use to identify myself with my blog. Paul and Alison knew who I was and told Triv that I was a really nice guy. Triv said that it didn't matter that I was a nice guy and that I should grow some (testicles) and use my own name.

There are times that I am really insulted that the folks at Clear Channel seem to think that the folks of the Cleveland Metropolitan area should be represented by a Neanderthal.

Cliff Feightner


wzzp said...

Once again Triv proves his worth to the listeners of Cleveland.

Johnny Morgan said...

The irony: Triv telling you to use your own name...while he sends messages through Rado.

Trivisonno: USE YOUR OWN NAME!

John Morgan

Steve said...

A Browns fan, eh?

It's great that we start the season facing Cleveland, because it's like we get one more preseason game...lol

Tim Lones said...

Triv has said in the past that he owes his job in radio to Pete Franklin..As big a blowhard as Pete could be, he was intelligent and knew his stuff..Triv should have taken lessons from Pete as he (Trivisonno) is neither intelligent or classy.. Somebody else said today that "Listening Party" is dead and that you killed it..It mostly has been on life support for years..

74WIXYgrad said...


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you can get public comments enabled in your blog, as yours is similar to mine as we both reflect on our personal lives.

To the others,

Thanks for your support in this matter with Mr. Eat it all. Another irony is when he was making a name for himself calling Pete Franklin he never used his own name either. He must not have had any (testicles) then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff. I think you should get over it. It's just a radio show, and it's just an act. You should know that.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you'd let this clown get you so upset. I think the solution is to quit listening. I stopped listening to his show about three years ago. I don't miss it at all.

Cliff said...

To anomymous,

Who said I can't get into the act? Plus I take issue with someone calling me a sissy only minutes after he was finished kissing Bob DiBiaso's butt.

Anonymous said...


74WIXYgrad said...

You know, I'm really flattered that my blog is read over at World Domination Headquarters, as OMW calls it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you taking pot shots at Triv's weight seem to be the exact thing you complain about. You have stooped to Triv's level.

CC Employee said...

Here's comment #3 from Oaktree.........get over it, it's a radio show!!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Clarification: Fred Flintstone comment pertained to his demeanor. Mr. Eat It All pertained to the fact he eats on the air.

Another thing: Clear Channel employees are some of the worst when it comes to not using their names when posting comments. Follow your fearless leader's advice and get some testosterone.

Liquid said...

Oh my.......now I see!
Poor Triv.
Irked because he is irkable.
Maybe he needs to be burped.
I know, not very lady-like to say but:
Someone remove his privates from his mouth and burp him, please!!

lol......my work verification was

Anonymous said...

Wow, three comments from people at Oaktree....didn't know CC had that many employee's left there...or were the comments "voicetracked" in from another blog?