Thursday, August 23, 2007

Your World Delivered, but defective

I was having some problems with the WIXY/at&t(formerly Cingular)phone cam. You see, some of my keypad numbers didn't press too easily. My biggest problem was one of the numbers was "1" and I don't know any language but English.

So I call the at&t(formerly Cingular) 800 number for warranty service and was put through all the trouble shooting routines. I was informed that I would be getting a replacement phone within five business days. It come in three-so far so, good.

This re manufactured at&t(formerly Cingular)phone cam didn't come with a battery or battery cover, so I took the battery out of my old WIXY/at&t(formerly Cingular)phone cam and put it in the new one along with my Sim card.

Things were going well with my re manufactured WI-you know, when the display shown when the phone is closed started going berserk. I stopped that and went to bed. This morning I went to use the phone and the keys were locked. I can receive calls but I can't send them.

The good folks at the new at&t(formerly Cingular) were nice to me and are sending me another phone. when I get home after work, I will get the old WIXYat&t(formerly Cingular)phone cam out of the box I was supposed to mail it back in and use that until I get my next one. Lets hope I have better luck.

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