Saturday, August 11, 2007


Since this sometimes is being accessed from media sites, I will take a few minutes to muse about radio.

Those who either know me, or have been associated with me from the message boards know that I don't comment a lot about music radio. Being one who has been an avid radio fan since the late sixties, I'm not too crazy about what we have nowadays. I like my disc jockey to visit with me a little bit. But since that's not going to come back on commercial airwaves, I won't waste the cyberspace to complain. On this post.

What I enjoy listening to is things that can be beneficial to my personal growth. Most of those I download as a podcast and either will listen on my mp3 player or burn cd's, as the area doesn't have a wide variety of radio programs that would help you in personal growth, except for the Christian stations that air teaching ministries.

Once again, this(Northeast Ohio)being the rust belt, it would be great if folks could have free access to some of this information. Unfortunately this doesn't help out the bottom line for folks like Clear Channel or CBS.

One of my favorite programs is 48 Days to the Work You Love, which was broadcast out of Nashville on Sunday nights. It is now, as of last week, broadcast online as a live "webinar" since most of the listeners were listening either online or to the podcast the following week. Now I listened to the podcast of the first webinar and the sound quality left a lot to be desired. It's something I will have to get used to. But then again, I'm sure that will improve in time.

If you have iTunes on your computer, check some of this out. I'm sure you can find many things that interest you. You don't need an iPod to enjoy these. They will transfer to Windows Media Player and you can download to your mp3. Or you can burn off either iTunes, Windows Media Player, and others.

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Hmmmmmmmm, very interesting. I have iTunes. I must try it out!

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