Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Friday comes early for me this week

I decided that since I have two days of vacation time left, I would take the rest of the week off. Is this a hiatus post? No, but I will probably be busy taking care of things, so the next time I may post will probably be Sunday evening.

Looking around the other blogs: I'm glad some days that I don't have the traffic Ohio Media Watch gets. Inasmuch as I like to write material that is interesting to those who check in every day, I don't feel obliged to report something that will set off some folks so much as to have to carefully monitor the comments. In the 11 months since I started writing this, I've only deleted two comments. One was a misunderstanding, and the other was a comment I posted without thinking.

If you're as big a television history buff as I, check out the latest posts on Cleveland Classic Media. Tim shares with us some history he received from the old WJW-TV website. It's good reading.

Lastly, remember we are back into Summer for the next few days. Drink plenty of water, and make sure your pets have access to plenty of water. Check in on the elderly also.


Anonymous said...

i am going on vacation next week. have fun being the chauffeur. no punking on this blog!

74WIXYgrad said...


Going to The Farm?

Tim Lones said...

Have fun the rest of your week off. I have been fortunate to only have to delete 2 comments..both for obvious spamming..(it was pretty clear they didnt even pay attention to the blog)..I understand that as much as I'd like to have more traffic on the blog, I am glad not to have to moderste any more thus far..

Liquid said...

Enjoy yourself and those around you. Drink up the moments! :)

Liquid said...

OK.........Enough vacation time! You are missed! :)
Kidding........enjoy yourself much, WIXY!

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm back. Look for some more posts along with some neat WIXYcam shots.