Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post Mortem

Maybe I went a little overboard, but I proved a point. Few people care who I am, but many care what I do. As JimOhio would say, I punk'd a whole lot of people in the past 24 hours. I got three responses from Clear Channel computers telling me to get over it. I was over it after Triv cut me off the other day, now you guys "get over" to the kitchen and get the talent a cup of coffee and a roll.

My only regret is I may have lost some friends at the Listening Party. But as Tim has stated, I didn't kill it. Apathy did. I wasn't looking for my fifteen minutes as it was stated today. I was just trying to ruffle some feathers. I apologize to anyone I offended.

A lot of times there it's the same old same old. I enjoy discussing other things, but those usually die on the vine. Someone might try to discuss some music format. Jim gets on and posts "no one here listens to that." Then the Jim bashing begins, instead of the post being ignored.

If you want something else to be discussed then bring something else up. If you complain about the discussion and don't try to introduce something else then you're part of the problem.


Monday Morning Power said...

Thanks for the visit. I like what I see on your site. Would a link exchange interest you? Motivation seems to a definite common ground for both of us. Let me know by leaving a comment on my site.

Tim Lones said...

I think your real friends after this will still be your real friends. I regret that I still havent met you in person yet. Thanks for the comment on the KYW blog last night. I hope I am not running the KYW/WKYC angles into the ground. I worked over a couple of hours last night getting it the way i want it..BTW, I just signed up for the SiteMeter..very cool gadget..I love how the CC people said.."you can't track us"..was wondering how..I actuallygot word of the through Jim/Bloggger at Listening Party..Have a great weekend..

74WIXYgrad said...

If I was a CC employee, I would be very nice to their IT people. If I can track it to their company, think of what the company geeks could do.