Saturday, August 25, 2007

From the Pressbox-Newton Falls

It maybe should be, from the hotbox last night, as the first game of the season was played at Rittman sauna, err, stadium. After all the rain we got this week then 90 degree temperatures, it was very hot and very humid. Luckily the football field was in good shape last night, as it was uphill from where most of the heavy storms had hit this past week.

The Newton Falls Marching Band is a corps band. They had a drum major. When a guy is twirling in high school, has got to be good, and this young man was one of the best I had seen, and their announcer had told me that he was only a sophomore. Their band was in full uniform and I can imagine that that wasn't too comfortable last night.

The Rittman Band was dressed in their band t-shirts last night, so they were at least a little more comfortable than their counterparts. The selections played were Gimme Some Lovin', Paint It Black, Old Time Rock n Roll, and Rock and Roll all Night. The Band did very well in their performance. I had messed up in my last intro. I have 2 more weeks to get my act together.

The team: this year's Rittman squad is a small group, about 18 players. The players seem small in size, but they showed they had a lot of heart in last night's contest, won by Newton Falls 27-14. It will be a long season for this year's team, but hopefully they won't lose heart, and the community can get behind them.

Quite often I am glad that I am not the game announcer, and yesterday evening was one of those times. Right after the first half had concluded, someone had come into the pressbox looking for the announcer. Lee Winchell had told the man that he was the announcer. The man was upset and said his son was involved in a couple of plays and his name was not announced. The man then said that if he continued to do this, he wanted his $150.00(son's participation fee) back. Seeing that I have at least two teachers who look at this blog, and at least one football dad, someone would get a kick out of this.

Next edition of "From the Pressbox" will be following the St. Vincent-St. Mary band show Saturday, September 8. Next few posts will be featuring this blog and those who have helped me make it something I have enjoyed doing.

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wzzp said...

Sounds like the Press Box needs some security. Over zealous parents can put a damper on matters. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Wow...maybe they should hand out some prozac for parents at the gate.

My goodness. I think that parent is forgetting what it's all about.


Newton Falls Band Member said...

WOW! thanks for saying thos nice thing about us!marching is awsome! I wished we wouldve been able to march out of uniform but oh well...the songs we played that night were Tainted love, shake a tail feather, and Holiday!