Sunday, August 26, 2007

Other influences leading up to the beginning.

As I move a little closer to the anniversary, I want to say thank you for the well wishes I have gotten so far. Bloggers such as Tim Lones and myself get a lot of satisfaction out of comments because that tells us we're being read.

And by all means if you read Tim's blog, Cleveland Classic Media, leave him a comment. I can tell he works hard to give the information he does.

Anyway back to the topic at hand. I had started emailing those from the forums that I could get the addresses for. I wanted to see if I could get at least a weekend board operator job and I wanted to know how I could go about it. I emailed folks like Danny Wright, OMW, and others connected with the local media scene. I was even brazen enough to ask newsnomore on the Listening Party board if there was some way to get in touch with him. He first set up a Yahoo account. Then after I established the fact that I wasn't a crackpot, he gave me his cellphone number and told me to give him a call. We had a nice conversation that evening and have become friends since. Newsnomore has given me good advice in the past year and a half. He also cleaned up a resume and cover letter on one occasion. But the best advice he gave me was not ot worry about getting readers for the blog and that has stayed in the back of my mind for the past year.

Danny Wright
has been in contact in times during the past year and a half. He made himself available to me when I pondered a second try into a broadcast career.

OMW was another one who had been exchanging emails with me, giving me advice. Shortly after I started my blog, he wrote this post on his blog, Ohio Media Watch, a blog that was an inspiration for this one.

Another contact I had made was with Johnny Morgan. In this time we have had touched base several times which included some chicanery. John is a good guy and I wish him well in the 'Burg.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff:

I never said you weren't a crackpot!

Happy Birthday...newsnomore