Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First Friday of the week notes

Yes this the first of two ends of the week for me as I have the fourth off, but that's it.

Follow up on wrestling post: I still think that Vince McMahon is scum, but I also recognize that he was doing damage control on the message boards during the past week. I posted a link to this blog on the wrestling board on Cleveland.com, and almost immediately got a terse response from a poster known as NFLjunkie, I then sent out some emails asking for backup. BizDecision started posting responses to Mr. Junkie. The both of us were notified by this poster that pro wrestling was never intended to be a product aimed toward children. I think that NFLjunkie was in some way connected to WWE and was doing some damage control.

Heading south on E. 55th St. in Cleveland about noon yesterday, I noticed that traffic was being congested by city workers painting lines on the road. The problems I has with it was the fact that they are doing this in the middle of the day on a major street in Cleveland on Monday. Why couldn't they do this on the weekend? Or even in the evening. I get two per cent taken from my paycheck for Cleveland city income tax, or as I like to refer to it, taxation without representation. Is this my tax dollars at work? My other problem was there was no prior warning as I was heading down the street. I am not a big City of Cleveland fan. I may mention my biggest beef in a future post.

Surfing the blogosphere, I noticed this blog called Liquid Cowgirl, a little humor and a lot of great photography, she has two other blogs listed on her personal profile. Check out Liquid Cowgirl.

Have a great fourth.


Liquid said...

Why thank you for the refferal, partner! lol

74WIXYgrad said...


There will be more to come.

Sarah & Scott said...

When the hungries hit, hit the Red Barn!

Happy Fourth. God Bless!