Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thank God for the internet

I am of all people most blessed....

I started out way too early this morning, a rare Saturday appearance at work. I would say that I had to work today, but instead I will say that I had the chance to make some extra money.

The WIXYmobile wouldn't start, the starter was dead, so I had to drive the MrsWIXYmobile to work.

I put in five hours, two of them paid time and a half. First overtime pay in about a month. I was in a production capacity this morning, every once in awhile checking my email. JimOhio checked in. I sent a reply, then back to the cutting torches.

About 11:00am, I was getting ready to clock out to go home. Check around cyberspace one last time before I leave. There were two responses on my last post, both commenting on the same item. WZZP, who offered his friendship in an unselfish sort of way this past week when I was way in the valley has this way of bringing a smile to my face. You see, Levi is our mutual imaginary Amish friend, brought up during a sarcastic moment on a message board. WZZP lives one county away from me. We are going to physically meet some day because there is a good chicken restaurant around the corner from his house.

The other response was from Liquid. She responds to many of my posts since we discovered each other's blogs. Liquid is a photographer who can make most imperfections look like pieces of art. I doubt if we will ever physically meet, but she has touched my life in a big way since we met on the world wide web. We both agree that blogging for us is so much better than MySpace.

In about five weeks I will be celebrating my first anniversary as a blogger. Then I will be mentioning all my inspiration and high points in doing this blog. Sometimes when I'm feeling low, I read my blog, looking for comments. Most comments make a frown turn upside down. And to that I say...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And I enjoy hearing from all of you!

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WZZP said...

I too have been blessed to have crossed paths with you Cliff. Many days you have put a smile on my face, or changed the mood of an awful day. You certainly model how do be a respectful man.