Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some notes

First a shout goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lones, congratulating them on their 15th wedding anniversary. Tim's blog, Cleveland Classic Media, has undergone a face lift with a new template and it's looking really good. And a thank you to Tim for placing a link to my blog on the message board at the Big Chuck and Lil' John fansite.

Next shout goes to Ohio Media Watch, as the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) was a little late in celebrating it's second anniversary. That blog has helped inspire other blogs, including this one.

To my friends that enjoy my Christian viewpoints: My other blog "Seek Him First" has it's first post since January. The post was inspired partly from some comments I heard from Dr. David Jeremiah as I was getting ready for church, and partially from the tone of the service at my church this morning.

Last note: The picture on the post below is indeed me. I had thought it would be somewhat funny if I took a picture of the WIXYcycle next to the motorcycles. The people at the establishment thought it would be funnier if the picture had me sitting on the WIXYcycle. So an unidentified biker chick took my picture with the WIXYcam, then someone from the establishment took a picture for their bulletin board.


Tim Lones said...

Thanks much for the well-wishes..Aprreciate your prayers as we travel..Never attempted to drive into Canada before..It will be different for my wife Linda, as she is the only one that drives (I do'nt drive because of sight and cooridnation issues).Also, thanks again for the support of my blog..You should know I changed the picture on the last post to one slightly easier to read..Have a good week and take care..

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to this blog, but I was curious of your thoughts on Joe Magnacca quitting Rittman to go to Wadsworth, and what the future will hold for our school now. Not to mention how good he was to the band.

74WIXYgrad said...

First, It's a good move for Mr. Magnacca and as far as I'm concerned, Wadsworth is getting a good administrator.

Now as far as the future of Rittman Schools is concerned, I feel the writing is more and more on the wall. I feel eventually there will be consolidation of more than services with Orrville as we are sharing the Superintendant.

The other possible scenario is Butch Ullman returning as high school principal, a position he held prior to 1996 when he became superintendant.

Joe will be missed, as he was a good disciplinarian(at least two of my children wouldn't have agreed with me when they were in school).

Hopefully the new principal will realize regarding the band-if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I really like Mr. Magnacca and hate to see him go. We'd heard rumor of Orrville's Assistant Principal coming over. Guess we'll find out soon.

Never boring, our little school, never boring!!!