Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahh friends

I have a lot of fun with my image. It's a part of my overall non mystique. And I do all that for a reason, that being middle aged men pretending to be something or someone other than what they really are is what gives message boards and sites like MySpace and Blogger a not so great reputation. Besides, I am probably the world's worst liar, as in ability to lie. Which is more than likely I never made it as a car salesman.

Well anyhow I sent the picture taken of myself on the WIXYcycle to some people, which included my newest blogging friend, Liquid. Remember, I mentioned this past weekend that she can make the most out of imperfections. Well, Suzanne(her non blogging identity) gave the photo her own personal touch, put an amusing story behind it, and placed it on her Liquid Illuzion blog.

Hopefully this won't scare people away from reading her blogs. But then again it might scare viruses from computers.

But seriously, I'm more than flattered. I saw her post as I was winding down my work day and I smiled most of my way home.

There are times I wish that all the folks I communicate with on the web could all get together in one place and we could all shoot the breeze over the beverage of our choice.


Liquid said...

He He He..........One must never loose their sense of "Story Telling"!
I loved the photo and just HAD to let it hang outand play with my imagination! Hope you don't mind....
It's an "Old Hat" habit around here to enhance and create! :)
I think your sense of humor rocks, so, they played!

Cliff said...

I don't mind it one bit. In fact, I'm greatly honored by it. I will have to reciprocate in about a month by placing a picture of you here.(A note to my readers:Liquid is an attractive woman, so my blog would get the better trade)

Your stories and photos reflect your heart, much like my blog does mine.