Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nothing here connects

One of the benefits of a long drive is sometimes the muse visits. I'm getting an idea for an e-book. If I cultivate this idea, it might get me a couple of dollars. It could be one of my "One Bite at a Time" series.

Mrs74WIXYgrad went to her orthopedic specialist this morning. She will possibly need knee replacement surgery, and was told to look into a new line of work. Oh, I wish I was rich instead of so good looking.

Another blessing came at work today. I was taken out of my office and had to do some jobs at my old machine since the current operator was on vacation. It will give me some more hours this week and we can really use the money.

But all is not lost. I recently got an email from this guy from somewhere in South America. He said he was representing this rich old dude who unfortunately passed away recently. It seems that I'm his only living relative....Please don't tell my brother.


wzzp said...

Hey that guy emailed my from Africa. He didn't know about my brother either. Hmmmm.... I wonder if he knows about Levi?

Liquid said...

OMG! Then, then, well, then we must be related! :0