Monday, July 09, 2007


Update: As of 6:00pm I have my privileges back. I thank everyone for all their concerns.

Funny how somethings come about. As most of my Northeast Ohio readers know, this blog come about from my semi serious posts on the area message boards, most notably at

At the time of this writing, my privileges at have been at least suspended, if not revoked. This is a result of some postings I did on the pro wrestling board. Some were serious, others were nonsense. BizDecision and JimOhio also posted on that board, aligning themselves with me. Jim's privileges were revoked also.

I had posted a message on several boards after I found out about Jim, explaining how unfair some of the practices at the forums were, and how Jim's posts were not as nasty as some who post perverted messages and still have the privileges.

It's just another example of how unfair life can be.

For now I will be posting over at the national boards.


Johnny Morgan said...

Posting at the national boards?

Now, WIXY, no need to self-flagellate at Mom's site simply because some dullard at the PD site and kept you out.

I mean, I wouldn't wish posting at R-I on my worst enemy.

BizDecision said...

Welcome back. The temporary ban wasn't warranted. Someone has some serious problems for going as far as getting you banned.

Cliff said...

I just have to watch my p's and q's in the future. What is construed as fun on some boards, offends people on others. It's just like my post last week about "you might be from Northeast Ohio" Even though there has been a lot of variations of this, stemming from "You might be a redneck" someone from another area could say the same things and we may get offended.

All these boards are our own "communities"

Tim Lones said...

Sorry you had to go through all that at the PD Forums..Stuff like that is why I almost never post there anymore except at the Pro Hockey Forum..

A littler something I thought might cheer you (and others) up during this heat wave: I found a complete Christmas Eve 6PM Newscast from 1977 on WJKW-TV 8 Cleveland. This is the entire Newscast in one file..Lots of the Classic TV 8 names are there..I hope all enjoy it..

Liquid said...

Wow, Wixy! Glad you're back on!
I suppose it was simply someone's FEAR......the worst fear I can imagine.....FEAR OF HUMOR. Yikes!