Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Food for thought

I'm sitting here at my computer not knowing what to write, listening to the replay of the Dave Ramsey show, still not being broadcast live in it's entirety here in Northeast Ohio. So I muse.

This has gotten me to thinking of something Dan Miller has said during his Sunday evening program "48 Days to the Work You Love". Sometimes when you put an "a" before a word, you make it opposite to what the word was. For example, a theist is one who believes in God. An atheist is one who doesn't believe in God. Someone who is moral has high personal standards. One who is amoral doesn't.

So saying that, I wonder if when you muse, you are trying to think creative thoughts, is being amused taking your creativity away? Is amusement a waste of your creative time?

bon appetit.


wzzp said...

wzzp said...

that didn't work! doh!

Liquid said...

Now I too am pondering.........Nice thought!

collegedj86 said...

The short answer to that is yes. I'm pretty sure that is how the term amusement was developed. Besides, think of all the things associated with amusement (theme parks, sports, video games, etc); are these things that regularly require critical thinking skills?

This type of thing may emerge as a problem when my technologically infused generation begins to take more prominent societal leadership roles... will there be enough critical thinkers who can tackle big issues?