Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WIXY Ingenuity

While it was determined that the once WIXYmobile would not be repaired to what it once was, since it would be more than the car's worth in repairs, I did decide that the car should become street legal once again, so a buddy at the shop said he would work on it for me. The question was though, how do I get it to Cleveland in a legal matter. After much thought I made the following adaptations. I went to the evil big box store to get taillight tape and duct tape to put the drivers side taillight assembly in place. I went to Dollar General to get four bungee cords to attach the bumper in a manner that would make it secure and display the license plate. And for your viewing pleasure I have examples of WIXY Ingenuity. What you see on the sidewalk is my grand daughter's mode of transportation when she comes to visit, a starter WIXYmobile. The last thing I want to add is if any NASCAR crew chief would be interested in my work, which would come in handy at a short track, drop me an email.


wzzp said...

if it makes you feel any better i used to drive a 1985 chevette!

Liquid said...

I just LOVE duct tape! You know, you can make wallets and such out of that stuff! They have a website, you must visit!