Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You might be from Northeast Ohio if...

I got the inspiration for this post from my new internet friend from Mississippi, Liquid, aka Suzanne. I was looking at one of her blogs and she had a "you might be from Mississippi if" post.
Once again check out the photography of the Liquid blogs. Puts the WIXYcam to shame.

This was going to be a you know you might be from Cleveland post, but seeing that most of my readers are from the area and not Cleveland proper, I would expand it to Northeast Ohio.

You might be from Northeast Ohio if...

You think the regional motto is "Wait till next year."

You think the first sign of spring is the first orange barrel.

You think the orange barrel is the state flower.

A good portion of your wardrobe either has Chief Wahoo in front, or "James 23" on the back.

You don't look at a buzzard as a scavenger bird, but as a radio station mascot-WMMS or a town festival-Hinckley.

You find yourself singing the "Garfield 1-2323" jingle.

You know the correct pronunciation of Cuyahoga, Medina, and Trivisonno.

The words "A waaaaay back" are music to your ears.

Ditto with "WHAM with the right hand"

"Stay sick and turn blue" isn't an insult.

No hot dog is complete without Stadium Mustard.

Enemy list includes, John Elway, Bill Cowher, George Steinbrenner, and Art Modell.

You won't be caught dead wearing gold and black.

We celebrate two seasons-winter and July.


Anonymous said...

How about, "you might be from Northeast Ohio if..." You know that all sports talk on radio started with Peter J. Franklin on 3WE.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I get them all except the one that says "stay sick and turn blue". Can you explain? :-) Thanks!

74WIXYgrad said...

Stay sick and turn blue is a Ghoulardi phrase.

Tim Lones said...

Or..You might be from Northeast Ohio if..the mention of Parma immediatedly conjures up thoughts of Polka Music..not to mention white socks and pink flamingos..

mikedane said...

You know your in radio when most of your wardrobe consists of station
logo t-shirts.

And black and gold rules baby. they
get me plenty of donuts.

Mike Dane

david5258 said...

you know you're from ne ohio/ohio when 2 of your best coaches and 2 of your best players play for the black and gold--noll, cowher, lambert and big ben.--and they all get to the superbowl.
you know you're from ne ohio when everybody's favorite thing to complain about is the weather(wait 5 minutes--it will change. what rarely changes are the weather men--goddard, bernier(ma and pa), nolan. old weathermen don't die or retire, they just drop a few isobars....

Rich in Medina said...

Those are good...My mind isn't creative just now...but something about:
1)Lake Affect

Liquid said...

I'm lovin' it! :)

Liquid said...

I've been disappointed in Elway since 1994. Heck, did he ever, EVEN play? Curious...........