Sunday, August 27, 2006

Okay this is the beginning of a new blog.

Who am I? I've posting on several internet forums under the name of 74WIXYgrad. I use that name since I graduated from the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique in 1974. Most people who post with me simply refer to me as WIXY, and that's cool. I consider it to be an honor to be associated with one of the legendary Top 40 stations of all time.

WIXY's gone bananas was a promotion of WIXY/1260 in Cleveland, Ohio in late 1973, and since I will be speaking my mind at times, I felt that that was an appropiate title for this blog.

This won't be just about radio. Maybe very little. If you want radio news I suggest you go to Ohio Media Watch, as he will do a much better job than I can.

This may be about my faith, as I make no bones about being a Born Again Christian. It may be about auto racing, as I am a NASCAR fan. It may be just about anything.


newsnomore said...


You are too kind and shower praise that is not deserved.

Good luck on your blog.

I'll be checking in.

Take care

74WIXYgrad said...


The most important thing is, you obviously know how to be a friend, and I've never been able to put a dollar value on that. Thanks for your support.

74 WIXYgrad

Tim Lones said...

Nice Job so far...TLones1480 from R-Insight here. I too am a born again Christian, as well as having a radio-tv geek since I was a teenager. You are the only one that takes the fact I want a BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) station for the Canton area seriously and am still bummed about what Salem did to the old WTOF 98.1..Should never have happened..Enogh of my ramblings for now..Will be bookmarking you and checking in more..

74WIXYgrad said...

Yeah, I sorta caused a stir on the Religious/comtemporary Christian board on radio-info(yes, you can refer to any discussion board by name here. This is MY blog).

Thanks for checking in,
Cliff aka 74WIXYgrad

Tim Lones said...

Funny you should mention R-Info "religious" I feel They think Its fine to discuss religious long as it's contemporary christian.I find if I say anything in defense of Conservative/Traditional radio I either get slightly ridiculed or ignored..Oh well..

Jeff said...

Hello Cliff ... I just wanted to wish you all the best with WIXY's GONE BANANAS. Next April I will be hitting the BIG 50 and I feel like I'm 30. Like someone once said, "Age is just a number. What matters most is how we feel and always have an open line to Our Lord and Savior. He will always be there for us"

As a native Clevelander, I am proud to say I grew up with WIXY and visit the WIXY website frequently. It sure does bring back some great memories.

Before I close for now, again best wishes with your new Blog site ... and WIXY's GONE BANANAS ... and I have joined the bunch.

david5258 said...

hello cliff-i have enjoyed your thots on radio on both the r-i boards, and on the mighty blog of fun-tm. i live nearby in orrville, and also appreciate the differences Jesus has made in my life. i grew up listening to the good guys on hello radio and am saddened by how radio in general strays from its purpose to serve the needs of its local community. best wishes and may GOD richly bless you and your outreach!!