Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sports Purgatory

*News Flash: The Cleveland Cavaliers have set a new record for a losing streak during the season.*

Cliff Note: So what else is new?

As most know, I live in a region that has been devoid of a major sports championship now going on 47 years. Most of the time, the teams lose more than win, and during the rare occasion which it looks like the "curse" may be broken, something happens. Things like "red right 88", "The Shot", "The Drive," "The Fumble", and most recently, "The Decision."

There's one of two things a resident of Northeast Ohio can do: One is bear with it, and the other thing is move. Seeing that sports is not the be all and end all in my life, I choose the former.

Being in my mid fifties, I know that there is more important things to life than sports and since I no longer work in Cleveland, I don't have the emotional attachment to the town or their teams. I also think that Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association are not happy unless the biggest markets are showcased during the championship of their respective sports. I have other thoughts about how some things come down, but they are based on feelings and not facts.

My friend, Terry Pluto, who is a sportswriter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, likes to say "Don't let the millionaires ruin your day," and generally, I don't. But I would like to know where i could go and do as crappy a job as some of these overpaid mental midgets do and get get paid as well as they do.


Mike Golch said...

Trey Pluto said it.they(the players0 are millionairs and don't care if they win or lose. they still get paid.

Michelle said...

Great post ! I don't understand sports that well, But I enjoyed reading your post.