Saturday, June 04, 2011

Little victories mean a lot....

...You just have to share them with the right people.

Case in point, it's who you share your weight losses with. I have this relative who thinks I need to lose a ton of weight, which I do, but expects to see it off all at once, or so it seems. Some time ago, I had lost about about 5 pounds and I was proud of it. I let this person know about it and the response was "Well whoop de do! I could have done that by (performing a certain bodily function.)
This person is a Jerry Maguire type, you know, "show me the money." So I have to find others who know the real value in a 5 pound loss.

Just about all of us will never get the chance to have Bob and Jillian get in our faces. We will also not have others prepare our meals for us who know the total value of proper nutrition. We will also not go into Subway and have their ad agency pay us for making sandwiches. And we also won't have the whole country able to see us lose up to 20 pounds in one week. Welcome to the real world where we aren't as big of losers.

But in the real world a 1 to 2 pound loss in a week isn't bad. Keep this up and in a year you could be 75 pounds lighter. Not bad if I say so myself.

Now in the past couple of weeks, I did have a couple of "Bob and Jillian" moments": First one was at the doctor's office. He took a look at my blood glucose readings and told me that the next step could be insulin shots. That scared me into taking a look at my carb intake. second was was at work a week ago. I felt light headed and felt a "fog" come over me. I took a couple of calls afterwards, but had to go outside for some fresh air. I was afraid I was having a stroke. that did it. I had to do something about this. And make it yesterday!

But like I said at the top of this post, I have started celebrating some small victories, and I'm finding people who are willing to celebrate them with me. Bnd there are some close to me that realize the seriousness of my diabetes and are cheering me on. some don't agree with me when I look at candy as poison, but they don't have to consider insulin shots at this point in their lives either.

And besides, 75 pounds less of Cliff could be a good thing. We may have a party-BYOV, or Bring Your Own Vegetables.

PS: I have lost about 10 pounds.

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YEKIMI said...

I have found your lost 10 pounds. I discovered them on my backside.