Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I like "Cathouse Teri" because....

One of the friends I have made while blogging is Teri Ahlstrom, also known as Cathouse Teri. We became associated with each other through other blogs. Teri has also become one of my crossover friends, as she has become a favorite of many of my Facebook friends as well.

Teri writes a blog called "The Road Lester Traveled." The only way to effectively describe her writing style is naughty, but nice. Naughty, in  the fact that she covers topics I would be embarrassed to cover, but nice, in the fact that she's a friend when you need it. In December, 2008, when our friend Liquid decided to end her life, Teri wrote me a very nice email to comfort me.

But as I have stated earlier in this post, Teri has also became friends on Facebook as well as being friends with several of my high school friends. Teri is very active in contributing to the Question of the Day as well as being one of the administrators. While I was laid up 3 weeks ago, she stepped in and posted the QotD for a couple of days.

Teri has recently moved from Virginia to California, so her talents have returned to the west coast. But no matter where we get her wisdom and friendship, it's always welcome.

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