Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's in a Name?

One of the benefits of  my award winning personality is that I have many friends who are around the same age as my kids or younger. One of my friends where I work is a young lady who shares a name with an MTV veejay from the 1980's. Her name is Julie Brown.

Julie's issue is not specifically with the name. It's with people who who constantly ask, "Have you ever heard of 'Downtown' Julie Brown?" She can't wait until she marries her boyfriend and can change the surname. I guess one of the reasons she likes me is that I never asked the stupid question. Cliff Note: There are times when one knows that there's an obvious obnoxious question that begs NOT to be asked.

I find that it's better to have the same name of someone who isn't famous, but is somewhat high profile. I have shared the story before about "the other Cliff", Cliff Feightner, who lives in Florida. When I was working as an electronics sales associate in the Akron, Ohio area, I had people ask me, if I was related to a Cliff Feightner who was a supervisor at a major company in Akron. He had people asking him if he was related to me and had made it a point to come and introduce himself and his wife to me. Since this time, we have become friends and communicate mainly through Facebook. And as a certain irony, Cliff had been hired as a management trainee for a certain retail chain, that I have mentioned many times in this blog.

One of my goals is for Cliff and his sons, Erik and Chip, to be someday asked if they are related to that "Random Acts of Poetry" guy.

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