Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Was a Guest WIXY Super Man!

Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Literally. 

I achieved a goal that I thought never would happen. I was a guest on WIXY 1260!

The current incarnation of this classic radio station is available on the internet at This is a work of love by Ray Glasser and Gary Schmitz, a couple of guys who have a passion for classic radio. This station is streamed 24/7, mostly automated with a playlist of over 4,000 tunes, which is more than 13 times what any commercial station has. WIXY 1260 also has some disc jockeys who love to play the hits live. And the word is getting out about this classic! And this past Sunday, the special guest of Lisa Jordan and Majic Mike was Poetry Man himself, Cliff Feightner.

Ray Glasser, aka Ray King, one of the Bosses
Of course those who have followed this blog from the beginning know about my internet handle of 74WIXYGrad, that I took the name because I was a 1974 graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique. And one of the first links I put on this blog was the one for Ray Glasser's WIXY 1260 tribute site. And everybody should check it out. He does add new material to it constantly. It is a great place to go if you are a radio geek.

My trip to their Lakewood, Ohio studios, began with a Facebook friend request. I thought I would shoot a request to Lisa Jordan. She's one of the WIXY jocks and the thing we had in common was that we are both band announcers. I wrote a Random Act of Poetry™ on her timeline. It was well received. She also "liked" my Poetry Man Facebook page.
Majic Mike, Lisa Jordan, and Poetry Man

A short time later, I made the suggestion, tongue in cheek, that Poetry Man should be a guest on a live show on WIXY 1260. Lisa thought it would be a great idea and, very quickly, the wheels were set in motion for my appearance. I got some limericks and one liners together and took the trip north. And Ray thought it would be a great idea to make a video of my appearance. And yes, I was nervous as heck. Jeff Kinzbach messaged me and told me to relax and have fun. Everybody at the "Studio of Solitude" (Cliff Note: this is my term, but they are the WIXY Super Men, and Super Woman) told me the same thing.

Show time, I was on with Lisa and Majic Mike, who at one time hosted the Elvis Only show on WMJI. Everybody in the studio was a great encouragement to me. And during the show I got messages via text and my Facebook page, from friends and family letting me know that they were listening.

Majic Mike, Lisa Jordan and Ray King
I had some limericks about the classic WIXY Supermen and some about artists on the 4000 song play list. The 2 hour appearance went very fast, we had many listeners, and I was invited back.

I also gave a suggestion on how to get WIXY 1260 online on your smartphone. Download the TuneIn app, and there are others, to your phone, go to WIXY 1260 Online, choose it as your favorite, and pretend that you have a transistor radio.

Part one of the Video is available YouTube.

 Update 8:52pm 11/20/2013: Here is part 2.


Ray Glasser said...

Cliff, it was a pleasure having you on WIXY1260! You're very creative and add a lot to the station! Do come back sometime!!

Amel said...

SUPER COOL stuff, Cliff! Great to know you've had this kind of experience. :-D WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!