Sunday, August 03, 2014

Walking For the American Diabetes Association to Defeat Diabetes

For the past more than 3 months, I have been getting out and walking first thing every morning, primarily for my own benefit. And the benefits have been great, as I have had medications cut, I'm wearing smaller clothes, and my weight has gone down. My main push is to #DefeatDiabetes. On October 5, I WILL be participating in the Walk to stop Diabetes in Akron, Ohio. This is a benefit walk for the American Diabetes Association

Diabetes runs in my family. I was first  made aware of this when I was 10 years old, as we went to the hospital to visit my grandmother. She was almost in a diabetic coma. Later in life, I became aware of diabetes as both my parents were diagnosed as being diabetic.
As I approached my 50th birthday, I too, was diagnosed as being diabetic. I first became gung ho about it, but t things did not appear to me as serious as it should have. Increases in oral medication and needing several insulin shots before emergency surgery got me concerned, but this was just momentary.
This year, around Easter Sunday, my vision was becoming blurry. I was also having problems controlling my emotions. Two days after Easter, I finally called my doctor as my blood glucose reading was 230. My weight was approaching 300 pounds. At this point, after my doctor once again adjusted my meds, I decided that I need to become proactive. As I made adjustments to my diet and started walking a minimum of 1.8 miles first thing every morning, my weight and my glucose levels started dropping. My doctor also starting readjusting my prescriptions downward. As all my Facebook friends are aware, one of my goals is to defeat diabetes in my life. I also aim to make my children and grand children aware that they need to be and stay proactove in order to not worry about diabetes affecting their lives. I have been told by  several of my friends that they're following my example and have become proactive.
Please visit my page and show your support by making a generous donation. Together, we can all help to Defeat Diabetes. Click on this link and become proactive.


Amel said...

Keep up the GREAT work, Cliff! My dad had diabetes when he was around your age when you were diagnosed. It was a huge shock for him because there was no history of diabetes in his family (not that he knew of).

Michelle said...

Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been reading your Facebook uypdates.

Love, prayers and a big HUG coming your way.

My uncle and his son both have diabetes.