Thursday, September 24, 2009

From 1968-2009 in a few short paragraphs

This post is dedicated to my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Leiberman, who made us write a stupid journal, making entries in it every day. I hated it then, but I blog now. Go figure...

When I was reintroduced to Beth a few weeks ago, I was also reintroduced to some pleasant memories of my junior high and high school years. You see, Beth was everybody's friend and I was one of probably several boys who had a crush on her. I admitted that when we were reintroduced. Yesterday I was there getting my paper and pop on my way to work. The cashier had a problem getting the money out of my hand. I made a comment about it being rare that a woman has trouble getting money from a man. Beth then held her hand out, saying that she heard that. I told her that she missed her chance 40 years ago. She told me she never knew until I told her a few weeks ago.

I learned the spring before, going to another school district, when you were the fat kid from the other side of the tracks, that you had to be very careful in admitting you liked a girl. I admitted that I liked this girl who happened to be one of the most popular girls in class. When she had found this out, you would have thought I carried the plague and for the rest of the school year, I was known as "that thing."

So anyway, we had just moved right before school started. Nothing new for me as we moved after 2nd grade, third grade, during fourth grade during sixth grade , then before seventh grade. New school, but same district I went from K-2. For most, I was a new kid though. Some kids learned how to get my goat then play on the fact that I had a bad temper. A few kids befriended me. Beth was one of those, but by her admission, she was everybody's friend.

Beth had also told me about another girl in our class who also had transferred from another school system. Carol was one who seemed a lot more mature than others in our class. She was protective of herself but also extremely protective of the underdog. During our school years together, Carol went to bat for me, so to speak, several times. She also put me in my place a few times. To be honest, those times I deserved it.

What I didn't know until this morning was that Carol was snubbed by some of the more popular in our class. She didn't deserve that. No one does. I hate it when people look down their noses at other, but unfortunately, it happens in all places and situations. And at all ages.

According to Beth, Carol still sticks up for the underdog even though life hasn't dealt her what we would call a fair hand.

We need more Beths, who manage to find the good in others, and Carols, who is willing to fight for you to get a fair shake. Not to mention the fact that Carol is also one to forgive without a second thought. I know that first hand.

I also want to end this with a special Cliff Note: Although I had my interests in school, I have been in love with the same young lady since December, 1977 and have been married to her since March 10, 1979.


Mike Golch said...

I know the feeling of being the odd person out.Mine was due to having seizures.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I moved around a lot too, 3 different high schools. I blame that for my lack of face book friends. :) that was a joke. Glad you were able to reconnect with Beth!

Anonymous said...

I was the "odd man out" when I moved here from the south when I was 12. I always got the "how come you talk funny" question. Never really had any friends; and when I turned 18 my mom decided to have a birthday party for me (against my wishes) and invited 10 classmates to the party...not one of them showed up. I told her that didn't surprise me at all. She was so angry cause she had made a huge food spread and it all went to waste. Also my senior year was voted "most individualistic" and found out about 4 years later that when they voted for that they really meant you were the "class A**hole". The school soon did away with that category when they found out.

Ms Hen said...

I love the ending to this post.., very sweet and lucky you.