Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Don't know why....

August 26 came and went. What's the significance? August 26 was my 4th anniversary as a blogger. I usually make a big deal of things like that. I just lost interest for awhile. In the meantime, I wanted to write something, anything. Let you folks know I'm fine.

And I am doing well. The Rittman Fighting Indians football team is 2-0 to start the season, and the band is doing great, as usual.

And I'm still unemployed, but have an interview with UPS next Tuesday. Other things in my life are doing somewhat better also.

I have no plans whatsoever to abandon my blogging, just need to get over some burnout.

I promise I will be back sooner than later. I have a post in draft I want to complete. It's a tribute post about one of my high school teachers who is in failing health.

Too much unfinished business for me to quit.


WZZP said...

You rule WIXY! Thanks for the morning inspiration.

clean and crazy said...

happy blogger birthday, i forgot. i odn't know when my first post was but i remember finding you through j. she was sad about suzanne and i came over and started reading your posts and beauitufl tributes.

i am glad you are still blogging, i take a while to get to the blogger these days as well, i a mstill unemployed too. but life doesn't stop just because we don't get paid.

matthew said...

hey Cliff is this the street that edison football field is on >> 2603 STATE ROUTE 113 E. ? i may be going if saturdays show in medina gets canceled! =)

Syd said...

Glad that you made it thus far with blogging. I understand getting burned out. Some days I am just tired and have nothing much to write.

Ben said...

Life gets busy and sometimes that's a good thing! Glad to hear all is well, or at least ok, and good luck with UPS!