Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update Time

As I know many of you don't do Facebook, I do have an update.

Job Situation: I had an interview with one of the area's major employers yesterday and I feel it went well. As a matter of fact, they called me in to take a drug test tomorrow. Things look well there.

Rittman Football and Band: Rittman lost their homecoming game to Norwayne last Friday. I had photos on my laptop, but the laptop is now on the fritz. I may get a new one out of this, but I may lose the photos in the deal, along with some video of the grandkids.

Back to the job: The job has some pretty great benefits, which includes an employee fitness center and hospitalization which will begin the following month, if I get the job of course. my commute will be reduced to about 15-20 minutes, less than half the distance of the previous job. I will be able to choose the same provider for my insurance as well. I have good feelings about this but I'm also keeping prayed up.


YEKIMI said...

good luck and tell me where, i year & 2 months later, I'm still looking for work....seeing as how radio isn't hiring

Margaret said...

"keeping prayed up"..I like that!

Hope you get good news soon.

Syd said...

It all sounds good. I am glad that you got a job with benefits and a short commute.