Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Bit of Security

I received a note from the HR manager at my call center this afternoon. It stated that I have graduated from training and as of Monday I will be a salaried communicator.

Now this doesn't put me on the gravy train, but it is a hurdle. It's also more security than I have felt in the past 10-1/2 months. It also gives me a little breathing room. Instead of worrying about having a job next week, I can concentrate on improving my phone sales skills and getting weekly bonuses.

But for my family, it also means I qualify for hospitalization benefits.

No, I'm not in the same position financially I was in a year ago, but I do feel better about myself.

And besides, I wanted to have a job in broadcasting for years. Now I have a job where I'm wearing headphones, talking into a microphone. It's all good.


Margaret said...

Glad to hear that things keep getting getting better at work, and that your Granddaughter is on the mend.

Mike Golch said...

good news indeed.

Michelle said...


So good to read about the hospital benefits and security. I know how it feels. ((hugs))

More than once in the last few years something we stepped into turned out to be just that - a step. Not the full time job/place/deal we'd expected it to be, but a very significant step towards something bigger and better.

I still get the feeling you will be doing more broadcasting in the future, that this job is God's way of getting you some training and a pay package all in one! ;-)

...and I also needed reminding of those steps, since we've been standing in the dark with nowhere to step for about 18 months now. I forget that standing in Faith is as much an active exercise in doing as being busy. I tend to foeget why they say "patience is a virtue". LOL

Syd said...

I'm glad for that Cliff. It sounds like thing are looking up.

Ben said...

It's been quite a road for you, but I'm glad things are looking up. Hospitalizaiton benefits, in this world, is huge all by itself. You're back in the game!