Monday, January 31, 2011

Classic Post: And Why Can't I?

This is a post I originally wrote 0n June 17, 2008. I have probably seen these truth played time and again since I first posted it.

Cliff Note:I am writing this post from a computer at the Wadsworth Library. I had this thought while driving to the library to return some books and thought it would be a good thought to blog on. I wanted to post it before the muse took it back.

Sometimes I think the four words that cause the largest percentage of emotional abuse are"you can't do that." Sometimes I wonder why those words are spoken. I speak as one who has had a lifelong affliction of insecurity.

I am not talking of a high school dropout wanting to perform brain surgery or anything like that. What I'm talking about are those who want to hold others back from achieving dreams. I wonder how much greatness has been stifled by those four words?

I have been encouraged by several who read my blogs. Most have been fellow bloggers, others just readers. A couple of these(and you know who you are) want to start blogging.

My Whattville blog has been a result of encouragement from David McMahon ofauthorblog fame. He posts a short poem every day and I try to comment with a rhyme. If he likes my comment, he will email me with a very encouraging comment. I'm sure he sends encouragement out to others every day too.

I was reminded of someone who was an encourager and a close friend of my wife's family this past week. Harv Kassebaum was one who found good in everything. His family was my wife's next door neighbors while she was growing up. He was also an English professor at Cuyahoga Community College. This past week, my blog was visited by Kathy from California. This was as a result of a Google search. She choose to read my post because of the name of my blog. She listened to WIXY/1260 when she was growing up in northeast Ohio. Kathy commented on an article I posted the day after I went to Harv's calling hours right before his memorial service. She used the comment section to tell how Harv encouraged her to write poetry. Harv was not one who would tell others "you cant do that." He always encouraged people to do their best then showed them how.

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