Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ask questions.......

...And I've been getting some very interesting responses.

Many of you follow me on Facebook, and you know I post a question everyday, called the Question of the Day. It was born from some musing I had about Velveeta, which was followed by 2 weeks worth of food questions.

Some questions have good responses, where others have been duds. One time the question was hijacked by some middle aged ladies when they mentioned running naked through town.

This week, the questions have become political.

Now I have my own thoughts about politics. I lean slightly to the right and am very much a 3rd party advocate. And I think the government should be for the people and not special interest groups. Also after looking at the current and former president, I feel we need to have people more experienced in federal government occupying the Oval Office.

Anyway, back to the Facebook questions, which I usually post then get out of the way. Like I said they have had political tones this week and have been answered by people representing views from both sides of the aisle. Nice and lively, to say the least, but also encouraging thought.

Because of some of the answers I was given earlier in the week, I asked this question yesterday: "Do you think Fox News is fair and balanced?" I have gotten 125 responses to that one so far and that is more than double the previous record.

Now as a talk show host, I would stink big time, but I guess I do well at the Facebook version of Meet the Press.

Cliff Note: I will be posting about my high school classmates at a future date.


clean and crazy said...

yes you do well with facebook, hows the job? i am glad i did not respond to the fox news question.

and with that i think... i will bid you a great day. we don't need my input on that and i don't want to see what others wrote, some people are idiots, and some people probably think i am an idiot for my answer to todays question, but i haven't looked since i posted, i was just responding to you, i noticed people responding to each other and sometimes that gets mean.

scott griffin said...

If you jump in the fray, you do have to take some heat, but it really is fun!

74WIXYgrad said...

Suzie, the job's going well, thank you.

As far as the comments are concerned, the only time I'll delete any is if they become too vulgar. The interaction is fine and unlike all the people on talk radio, I don't have sponsors to appease. There are some people who will never change their minds and they want to express themselves to someone. Facebook is free for me and as long as it's not causing any harm to anyone, we should be free to express our opinions.

Scott, thanks for weighing in here. Maybe some day when you and Sarah are in the area we can get together for a bite and conversation.

Margaret said...

I like your idea of the "hit and run",,,ask the question and sit back to see what happens. Very thought provoking.

Ben said...

Well, I dodged the political ones; looking forward to what comes next!