Sunday, March 27, 2011

Passion to Communicate

I'm kicking around the possibility of writing a book again. Update 11:30am: The idea has been a recurring thought, I haven't written any book yet. Sorry If I led anyone wrong.

Seeing that in the past 4-1/2 years, I've not only written over 1300 blog posts among my 4 public blogs, ranging from life in my favorite small town(Rittman, Ohio), my favorite radio stations, potshots at a local radio host, dealing with losses in my family, my blogging friends, my high school friends, etc-Cliff Note: I've written about alot of stuff since August, 2006! I think that I should write about my lifelong passion, communication.

In my mind, this book would have some fact, some fiction, much poetry, and recognition of many friends who have become a great means of support.

I was with several alumni of my high school this past Friday. During the course of the time I spent there, I talked about my brother, Richard. I told Karen, who graduated a year ahead of me about him. She was crying as she told me that she liked his demeanor and his passion for sports. Another friend, Gary, expressed his sympathy. He had saw him in the nursing home, as his father was a resident there.

There were others there who bragged on my Facebook activity, especially my Question of the Day. I told them about my blogging friends. There was silence, almost tears, when I mentioned the tragic story of Suzanne, aka Liquid. There were others who wanted to friend me on Facebook. I told them to make sure which Cliff Feightner they friended, though they might friend him after they read "Views From Sandhausen."

Matter of fact, I hope "Views" is a best seller. Maybe when I get my book done, the name "Cliff Feightner" may sell a few copies outside my ring of friends.

I do feel that I have the groundwork laid for at least a couple of books. Would they be best sellers? I don't know, but it's something I need to do. I have many friends who have faith in me, probably more faith than I have in myself.

I just have to get off my too large you-know-what and get to work.


Anonymous said...

Cliff...I think it's a wonderful idea that you write another book. You have so much to say, I think it would be a "Best Seller"...I'd buy one just for the poetry! PS: I love your questions of the day...there is a whole chapter with just how everyone reacts to them!! Sandy

Ben said...

Go for it!