Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why, why, why?

One problem this age of the internet has increased is the problem of loneliness. The world has come closer together, but is has also drifted further apart. We can communicate with others from the privacy of our own homes without leaving the privacy of our own homes. And sometimes we are our own prisoners. An d we also can't reach out and give the physical touch some people so sorely need.

The high school classmates I have renewed friendship with in the past year were shocked to hear that one of our fellow alumni had gone out and taken his life a week ago last Wednesday. Chances are many of us wouldn't haven't have even known about this had it not been for Facebook. Regardless, it still had us wondering, why? Arrangements were sent via email and I'm sure many had attended. I had obligations with my job at the time, so regretfully, I could not attend.

This morning on my way to work, I stopped for my coffee and snacks for work. Beth had told me that she had talked to one of our school friends who happened to be close to the deceased classmate. Jeff told her that his friend had been suffering from alcoholism. This was a way he had to handle his problems. He was showing some of the other classic symptoms, such as reporting to work late. And he also crawled into his own shell.

I know that this has always been a problem with those who are dealing with addictions, but I wonder if this internet age has hindered recovery in many cases. I know there are some recovery bloggers who read my blog. Maybe they, and others can shed some light.


Mike Golch said...

I think the internet is a way of helping the recovery process.some of the blogs I follow are recovery blogs and they help me stay sober.That's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Sandee (Powell) Robertson said...

You bring up some very good points Cliff. I doubt many of us would have heard about Don's passing without FB. I also feel that people aren't reaching out anymore unless it is by e-mail or FB or some other internet social page. I too am quilty of this. There are people that I call on a regular basis, even tho I can reach them by e-mail or FB. Talking on the phone is more personal and hearing that persons voice makes me feel closer.
In this age of instant everything I feel sad for the generation that is growing up not knowing the intimate feelings of friendship. I remember one of my classmates being killed in a car accident my Junior year. We all got the news by phone and it was passed on by running to the neighbors house.
Sometimes I think the further we advance, the further behind we become.

Syd said...

I don't think the Internet had anything to do with it. If your classmate was not in recovery then perhaps he simply gave up hope. It doesn't do much good to wonder why. But I am sorry that he did not find a solution other than suicide.

Ann Marie said...

OMG...Cliff you are still here!!! This is great..It is Ann Marie from the A Day In The Zone blog and the Nonsense blog..hope all is well with you..I off to see what you have been up has been a couple of years!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Ann Marie: Check your a day in the zone email. I just sent you a message.