Friday, April 01, 2011

The busy life

It seems that the only time I can get any rest is when I'm sitting in a hospital. Right now I'm typing these words while sitting at Akron children's hospital awaiting my grandson having minor surgery.
Update: Grandson went through surgery well and will be back at full strength in the next 10 days.

Work seems to be going well for me. I am approaching 6 months on the job and starting to feel somewhat secure there. The client I'm now calling for is about to go into one of it's busy seasons and it's consumers are very passionate about the product.

I have also seen the new hires given the tour of the call center. Several are just like myself, mid 50's, male, and not knowing if they were marketable anyplace before hired on at the call center. I feel like some of the motivational material I have studied over the years would come in handy in a training environment. After 6 months I can bid on open positions in the company. Hopefully the compensation portion of the job will improve. I've been told to be patient and it would follow.


Margaret said...

Glad to hear that your Grandson is OK. I did a lot of knitting in hospitals last year. You are right- It forces you to slow down for the things that matter.

Glad to hear you're doing well at the job.

Michelle said...

Glad your grandson is ok and glad your new job is going well.

Anonymous said...

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