Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rails to Trails

To those who aren't familiar with "WIXYspeak", here some terms I will use in this post and a quick definition: WIXYcam- My digital camera.
WIXY/at&t/phonecam- My cell phone.

Okay, I decided to take the time and finally ride my bike on the new bike bike path between Rittman and Sterling. Due to how busy I've been, this was also the first time I was on my bicycle this year. But after the week I've just been through, I owe
d it to myself to do something I wanted to do.

Anyway, the new bike path was where a railroad track once existed. In some sp
ots it runs parallel to tracks owned and maintained by CSX. I told Kathy aka Mrs74WIXYgrad that I was going to ride un
til I got tired then turn around and come back. I was pacing myself and getting off my bike to take photos. First I got out the WIXYcam and tried to take some pics, but to no avail. I then got out the trusty WIXY/at&t/phonecam, and proceeded to take the pics that will be
in this post.

It was an easy ride into Sterling, and the reals to trails portion of the bike path ends short of "downtown" Sterling. You then have to follow a couple of county roads to get back to the dedicated trail.

Where the tr
ail once again resumes, there is a parking lot and an old depot building. I think this is scheduled for renovation. I decided to forgo the other portion of the trail until another date. I decided to follow Kaufmann Ave., which is pretty much main street of Sterling. And I was starting to feel a bit tired. I sat on the steps of the Church of God, and checked Facebook, while catching my breath and drinking some water. Then it was back on the road. I headed towards Rittman as I turned onto Sterling Ave.

About 1/4 mile on Sterling Ave., then back to
the paved trail. Of course at this time, I'm starting to feel my
age, my lack of riding of late, and my general being out of shape. And I did stop a couple of times to take some pics. One of those was a bridge made especially for this trail and a mile marker for the railroad.

I took a couple of short cuts as well as taking a break to sit in the bench of my church, the South Main Street Church of God. There, I checked Facebook and my email. And then to home.

I'm now somewhat sore, but I'm better off for my effort.


Syd said...

Nice, Cliff. I like the rails to trails. Good photos too!

Margaret said...

Good for you! We have rails to trails here, too. Haven't been on them, but you inspire me. Only bike I own is a late 1960's Columbia one-speed that I got as a kid. Maybe it's time to upgrade, eh?

Michelle said...

Good for you Cliff. Bike riding is wonderful exercise. I love the photo's.

Ben said...

Looks like a nice ride. I hope to get up the energy to use ours, at least the 5 mile segment to the next town, and maybe take some pictures too. Ours is not nice asphalt like yours, though.