Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chronicle of a (non) day off

Today, being a day where I didn't have to be at work, is one of my busiest days of the week. I normally call these my (non) days off.

Nice thing is that I can usually sleep until I get up. Down side is that one of our cats decides when I get up. Goober does this by turning off my CPAP. Yes, he takes advantage of my sleep apnea. Cliff Note: Here is a link to a post I wrote in 2009 about my sleep apnea. He wakes me up, I feed him and his mother, Peanut, and my world is at peace.

So I'm up, posting the Morning Show and the Question of the Day on Facebook and decide to enjoy one of my Christmas presents, first season of WKRP in Cincinnati. Then my wife gets a text message, and off I go to my daughters house. On the way, I had to get some money out of the ATM, and since I didn't eat breakfast yet, stop at the golden arches place. I figured it was better to stop than to risk my blood glucose dropping. When I got there, I noticed the parking lot was icy. I went in, ordered my meal to go and suggested to the manager on duty that whomever maintains the parking lot should spread some salt on it. It was explained to me that the parking lot is never salted, just the sidewalk. I pointed out to her my crutch and the fact that I had a plate and 9 screws in my left ankle. I also told her in a very nice way where I would not be stopping when conditions were icy.

Now with my muffin with egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon, potato patty, and orange juice, I am off to my daughter's house. I also called my wife, told her about the parking lot situation and asked her to find out how to get a hold of the franchisee.

I took care of my daughter and it's on my way home. Once home, I was given the number of the Golden Arch corporate HQ, or so I thought. Turns out, it's a call center, so I'm now speaking to someone who more than likely gets paid by someone beside the Golden Arch corporation. At least he spoke perfect English. I let him know about my situation at the restaurant and my concerns since the majority of people in the restaurant were older than I. He apologized(of course) and said the info I gave would be forwarded to the franchisee.

Now it's off to take care of our son. Adam's birthday is in 2 days, so we took him to lunch, after which off to the Medina Walmart, not an Evil Big Box Store since I consider the store manager a friend. After we got the items we needed it was off to take my sister to a neurologist appointment. As we dropped the ladies off, I noticed my fuel gauge was at about 1/8 full. I then went to the Get Go station as I had 30 cents in fuel perks.

While fueling up, I noticed someone had dropped their debit card. I weighed my options, which were the following: Either take the card in to the cashier or return it to the bank, where I'm a customer. No other thoughts crossed my mind. Since my next scheduled stop was a grocery store next to a branch of this bank, I took the card to the bank. After expressing surprise, the teller said they would notify the customer, then said bless you and have a happy new year.

While in the grocery store, my phone rang twice. First call was the Golden Arch manager whom I had talked to earlier in the day. She told me that it was explained to her that the parking lot was not salted because the tread of the tires which comes into the lot just takes it into the streets and that none of the major businesses in town salt their lots.

The second call was from a family member who had noticed my shoes were worn out. He told me to meet him at the shoe store and he would buy me a new pair of shoes. After I took possession of the shoes, it had occurred to me that the reason I may have gotten the shoes was because I never thought of doing anything with that debit card besides turning it in.

Nice guys don't always finish last.

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Tim Lones said...

Hi Cliff:
It's really strange that I'm reading your post now. My wife Linda after church tonight, had stopped at an "arches" place in Perry Twp. and went inside, which she usually doesnt do, for some "construction specials" as she was getting a drink, a lady that was a stranger to her walked up and handed her a $26.00 Gift Card to Wal-Mart..Linda has been struggling with some things lately and she was so touched by the generosity..Just never know about blessings..