Friday, August 17, 2012

From the Pressbox- Mogadore Band Show

It has been a long time since I have wrote about my favorite group of student musicians. Since last season was cut short for me because of a slip in the mud, this show was important for me. I did have a few opening night jitters. But for me things went great.

The Rittman Indians Marching Band was one of 6 bands to perform at the 2012 Mogadore Band Show. The other bands appearing were from the following schools: Manchester, Windham, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary, Hudson, and the host band, Mogadore.

Was a great night weather wise, as it wasn't too hot and it was not raining.

As I got to the stadium for the night's activities, my favorite student musicians let me know how glad they were to see me. They tell me that I'm the best announcer around. I tell them the only reason I'm a good announcer is because I have a great product to announce. This years Rittman Marching band has 54 members and they all are dedicated young student musicians.

Last night's show was a combination of hits from musical history. As the band took the field to the most awesome introduction in all of high school halftime entertainment, they opened with the song Let's Groove, the 1981 classic by Earth, Wind, and Fire. This was followed by the 1964 number one hit by Roy Oribson, Pretty Woman.

Next up was a little polka music. (Cliff Note: There was a typo in the script which I thought was ironic. Instead of "feel good music" the script said "FELL good." As I said, this was ironic that this appeared in the script at the first show I announced after falling and breaking my ankle last October.) The song selection was The Pennsylvania Polka.

Then we were treated to a song from the movie Bridge on the River Kwai. The band entertained the audience by marching in circles and playing the Colonel Bogey March.

The last song played for our portion of the show was a hit for the Isley Brothers and a megsa hit by the Beatles, Twist and Shout.

And I always get a boost to my ego when a professional tells me I did a good job announcing. The announcer for St. Vincent-St. Mary is the morning host and program director at WONE, Tim Daugherty. We have talked at other shows and he always treats me like we are old friends. Tim is a class act and one who lets his voice add to the show and not be the show. It's important that the show remain on the field and not in the press box. Tim gets that and is a good example for other announcers to follow.

I hope to keep this up this season and Lord willing, see you all next week for the first halftime show of the 2012 season.


Anonymous said...

You are bringing back memories of watching our kids when in the Olmsted Falls Marching Bulldogs. Great post!

Michelle said...

Wonderful post Cliff