Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hope for a dying area

The above video is a walk through of the now defunct Rolling Acres Mall, which has been closed now for going on 4 years. A once vibrant shopping complex, it fell victim of being located in a depressed area, and of other close by malls experiencing renovation and rebirth. In 2008 when the final nail was applied to the coffin of this mall, I wrote this post concerning my memories of Rolling Acres.

There are several sites on the web dedicated to dying malls, and their surrounding areas. To me there is some interesting reading. Most of us should be concerned to what is going to become of the areas where these malls are located. Will they ever be of benefit to the community at large again?

At Rolling Acres, the only activity at present at the mall building is JC's 5 Star Outlet, formerly known as J. C. Penney's outlet store. The store still features goods from J. C. Penney, but at a discount price. And it is a popular location. The Sears store location where I once worked is now a recycling center. Up the street, the location where I worked, when known as Fretter, is now a furniture liquidation store. There is some rebirth for the area.

Yesterday, the Akron Beacon Journal and published this story about once busy retail buildings on Romig Rd. now being used as warehouse and office buildings. The mall itself, was sold last year, and may be reborn some day as a multi use center, small stores, maybe some call centers, and other businesses to once again serve the community.

Cliff Note: I realized after I posted this that today is my 6 year anniversary as a blogger. Thank you to all who have paid this blog visits since 2006.

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yep it's nice to see things come back to live. Happy Blogaversary!