Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Three-peat: You might be from Northeast Ohio if...

Cliff Note:One neat thing about having a blog with over 1200 posts is you can repeat some posts and have many who haven't read them yet. And knowing I have some friends from high school. relatively new to this blog, I thought it would be neat to post this again. And for those who have been with me since the beginning, yes it is the third time I've posted it.

You might be from Northeast Ohio if...

You think the regional motto is "Wait till next year."

You think the first sign of spring is the first orange barrel.

You think the orange barrel is the state flower.

A good portion of your wardrobe either has Chief Wahoo in front, or "James 23" on the back.

You don't look at a buzzard as a scavenger bird, but as a radio station mascot-WMMS or a town festival-Hinckley.

You find yourself singing the "Garfield 1-2323" jingle.

You know the correct pronunciation of Cuyahoga, Medina, and Trivisonno.

The words "A waaaaay back" are music to your ears.

Ditto with "WHAM with the right hand"

"Stay sick and turn blue" isn't an insult. Cliff Note:Saying of late night television movie host Ghoulardi and later, the Ghoul.

No hot dog is complete without Stadium Mustard.

Enemy list includes, John Elway, Bill Cowher, George Steinbrenner, and Art Modell.

You won't be caught dead wearing gold and black.

We celebrate two seasons-winter and July.


Johanna said...

Well, I'm officially not from Ohio anymore! They all went over my head. I would probably pass a quiz for a Southerner with flying colors. Check!! Need to get in the mail while I'm thinking about it, because I'll forget in 5 minutes. To the checkbook!!!

Mike Golch said...

Oh my,thanks for taking me down memory lane with some of these.

Ben said...

Ah, Tom Hamilton's voice on a summer evening... (I wish he had more reason to holler "a way back!") And I hope the James 23 stays intact around here, even if we have to keep waiting for next year. One more thing we do: put up with bad jokes about burning rivers, even decades after the river burned.