Monday, October 04, 2010

Many Thanks!

The past 9 months haven't been very easy on myself and my family. It hasn't been too good on this blog either, seeing the lack of postings here since the first of the year.

But my internet friends have been a real blessing to me in this time. First was the fantastic response of all of you who have read the blog all this time. And I especially thank those who sent me messages of support through email.

Even though my blogging decreased in the past nine months, Facebook reunited me with many of my high school classmates. First benefit from that was my classmates started reading my words here. Next benefit was a reunion of my high school class this past July, the first in 16 years. Gary and Larry also had a big part in some of my efforts. In case you didn't know, Gary and Larry are twin brothers. Gary became a regular reader and commenter(Webbie), and Larry enhances a post I do daily-"The Morning Show". Larry does "Second Edition," which usually features a classic rock tune, though at times he will go all over the musical map. Cliff Note: If you are on Facebook "friend" Larry and tell him Cliff sent you!

Another feature inspired by the featured videos is EoM, short for Emporium of Music, Gary's creation. Check it out and join us.

All this really helped me to get through the past 9 months.

This coming Monday, I begin a new career, at a major employer in the area. I don't even have to drive half the distance I went to go to the previous job. The company I had my health insurance with is one of three choices I have for my health benefit. I will also have dental and vision. The company also has an employee fitness center. There are several more benefits.

I am looking forward to ending this 9 month "vacation" and also nervous about starting a new job.


Mike Golch said...

I am glad that you are back in the work force.Good for you.

Jen said...

I'm so happy to hear you found a job! You'll do great!
Good Luck.

Amel said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! I'm SO SO SO HAPPY for youuuu!!! I'm sure everything'll go well in the new working place. :-D

Gary said...


Thanks for the kudo's for Larry and myself.

FB has been very good for getting reconnected with class mates and friends that I have not seen in many years, having lived away from Ohio since 1985 I find myself these days a bit home sick FB helps fill that gap for me.

I have been very lucky to have survived not being laid off, I have had many good friends and co-works how have not.

Having to go back out in the job market and being in your 50's is not easy there are many younger people out there trying to get that job also. So I am very happy that you have been able to find a new beginning and some peace of mind

Best of luck at the new job

Your Friend
Gary (or Gnote on EoM)

Margaret said...

You'll do fine at the job I'm sure. Hope you come back to the blogosphere more often now!