Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week one over

This week, I went through some information overload with the new job. So much was given us, hopefully I retained most of it.

The new job is at a call center and next week, I will be put on the phones. Hopefully my voice will make up for mistakes I'll make off the bat.

Coming home Friday, my car stalled on a very busy road as I was going towards the interstate on ramp. I sat in traffic for almost two hours when the tow truck finally reached me. It took an hour for police to reach my car to make sure I was all right, the car that finally reached me wasn't even in his jurisdiction. He reported my info to that town. When I stalled out, I had enough momentum left to pull my car in between the road I was driving on and the off ramp for the interstate. Needless to say, I missed announcing last night. And to add to my pain, Rittman won last night.

The most important thing right now is that I'm sitting at my computer writing this post.


clean and crazy said...

you will be awesome, treat it like a friday night comentator on the play by play games!! have fun with it!!

Leesa said...

Hi Cliff,

Glad to hear you're back at work now.. I'm sure you'll learn all the ropes in no time... New jobs are always chocked full of info, and since it's all new, it can seem like a lot!
Wow.. about your car and I'm glad you are okay.. That happened to me at the bottom of the hill at a busy intersection but we were all stopped at the light when my car stalled.. Whew... Scary, I know...
Take care and good luck at work...