Friday, May 27, 2011


Being one who is in my mid fifties, and someone who recently, by no choice of my own, changed careers, I have found that one thing came relatively easy to me. That's burnout.

Life has been happening at a quicker pace than I would like to see it, with family obligations, and trying to make the best possible impression on the job. Other things out of the job and my family needs have pretty much taken a back seat. Don't get me wrong, I like my job and I love my family. But I feel that my Cliff and Kathy time has suffered.

One thing I do know: I have got to start prioritizing my time, beginning with my Bible study time, then on to exercise time. My doctor told me yesterday that I may have to go on insulin soon. That's why I have to start working out more.

I need to return to my passions. Writing is one of them, as all of my blogging and Facebook friends know.

But as Jeff, one of my high school friends, put it, in response to a recent Question of the Day, I need to relight.


Anonymous said...

I hear you loud & clear on God time has to come first & it seems you are so tired & think I wil start that back up soon. I seem to give what little extra time I have to my grandkids. It is someday exhausting to do all we NEED to do & the real important things GOD
& family keep slipping. Let's pray that God will open doors that gives us those small important moments for Him & our spouses.. Later, Jody Thanks for all you give us !!

74WIXYgrad said...

I appreciate all your kind comments, Jody. Hope to see you at the picnic.

Mike Golch said...

Sorry to hear that you have to go on insulin have too watch your self real carfuly when you can cause really low blood sugars. I know first hand. My wife Celestine has been on insulin most of her life.and occasionally she has a really low one that gets(calling ems) scarry.

Anonymous said...

I understand about insulin. I have been fighting to keep my blood sugar in check and I am winning. No insulin for me. You can do it Cliff.

Taking time for God and family is really important. We try to take time for each other every day and I always have a conversation with God before I lay down to sleep.