Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making a Difference

The following is from an email I received earlier this week: "I was recently searching online to see if I could learn information about Dr. Harvey Kassebaum, and came across a blog entry which I believe was from you. It indicated that Dr. Kassebaum had passed away in 2007, and that he had been the next-door-neighbor of your in-laws.

I currently work for the Ohio Board of Regents in Columbus, and was recently discussing the value of transient undergraduate college coursework that can be done at our state’s community colleges. I told my colleague who deals with these topics daily that, though I attended Ashland College for my undergraduate degree, I took some transient courses at Tri-C and that Tri-C was where I came across the man who was easily the greatest professor I had, hands-down. That man was Harv Kassebaum. I took a series of three American literature courses from him in 1989-1990.

If you might have any remaining contact with his family, could you please provide my note to them? I have always wished I could have gone back and let Harv know how much I benefitted from his instruction. I have worked in local television in Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus and am now so pleased to be working in state government in a way that connects to higher education. He was truly a great teacher, and I wish I’d taken the time to tell him so, more deliberately, back then."

Now the only difference I made in writing the post about Dr Kassebaum was that I let the blogging world know about one who not only made a difference in the college education of many folks, but one who was the next door neighbor and one of the best friends of my father in law.

I have been extremely blessed to be the recipient of much very positive feedback to the post I wrote over 4 years ago. The photo was posted with the blessings of his daughter, Margi. Harv, though highly educated, would not have read the blog post if it was written about him while he was still alive. He wanted nothing to do with computers.

My father in law wants nothing to do with computers, but was very touched by the email I received. He got a hold of Margi's email address this morning and I was able to forward it to her. She and her sisters should be proud of the legacy their dad left behind.

And yes, I beam a little when I know my writing sparks good memories of one who made a difference to many.

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Michelle said...

that is awesome Cliff. I know I look forward to reaading all the positive things you write. You keep me wanting to write.