Saturday, May 07, 2011

It is less than 20 items, honest!

Kathy and I were shopping at Evil Big Box Store(tm) 2966 this afternoon. We just got our tax refund and decided to do some stocking up. We went into the store with 2 carts and first headed for the pet food aisles. We have 2 cats and a dog, and all 3 animals are picky. Matter of fact, one of the cats will turn my CPAP off at night if he's hungry in order for me to wake up and feed him. But back to the shopping.

As we were stocking up, I put 6 trays(24 cans) of cat food in the cart, then one bag of dry cat food, along with 2 bags of cat litter. Then I went to the dog food aisle and put 6 boxes of moist dog food in the cart. At this time the cart was full. I told Kathy that I would take the cart to the checkout and pay for it while she shopped for the rest of the items.

Now keep in mind that EBBS(tm) 2966 is being remodeled and things are not where people aren't used to the changes. Also inventory is evidentially down due to things being moved around. Customers aren't in an overall good mood. I see this first hand as I take my full cart to the express lane, which is 20 items or less. What these folks are seeing is a full cart, not the fact that I only have 15 items in the cart. I guess I must have ruined some folks day by their misconception.

Maybe there's some blogger somewhere blogging about this fat old guy who apparently can't count above 20. But then again hopefully they will take the high road and not see another cashier a few rows over and liken him to a certain Warner Brothers cartoon character....

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WZZP said...

Boycott the Evil Big Box Store(tm). They plan on dumping $10 million dollars to campaign against police officers, fire personnel, nurses, teachers, social worker, and other public employees. Please support the Citizen Veto of SB5!