Monday, January 02, 2012

Do you really WANT to lose weight?

As I mentioned in my last post, I had to have 2 insulin shots before I had surgery in October. Even though I had lost over 30 pounds before that, this was a real wake up call for me to really take better care of myself. I was diagnosed as being a diabetic in 2005. I'm certain that part of this occurred due to heredity, but I also think that much of this was because of my lifestyle. Matter of fact, diabetes is an epidemic because of lifestyle. And if you don't believe me, go to your local Evil Big Box Store(tm) and look around.

Let me ask you. Are you someone who polishes off a pizza, bag of chips, and a 2 liter of your favorite non diet soft drink while watching an episode of "The Biggest Loser"?  As much as I admire the people who succeed in losing weight and keeping it off, I don't think the show inspires as many people as they would like to. I think there needs to be more one on one contact, one loving on another for weight loss to be effective and more permanent.

And you can't shame others in losing weight. You insult somebody because of their weight, chances the emotions you get out of them will be hurt feelings and they will turn to their best friend,  be it a fast food value meal or a package of cookies.

And you don't encourage anyone by trivializing their loss. I once told a family member that I had lost 5 pounds. Their response was "Well whoop de doo! I could do that by taking a crap." Not the response I was looking for.  Didn't hurt my feelings, but also didn't motivate me to lose any more at the time. If that's the best you can come up with, keep your mouth shut.

For the most part, you lose weight because YOU want to lose it. I have found this out time and time again that I never lost it because someone else, including my doctor, wanted me to. I have always needed to find my divine spark. In my early 20's I lost 60 pounds because I wanted to have a social life. I gained some of this back, but lost 45 pounds in my mid 20's as a challenge not to gain weight after I quit smoking.

In my early 40's, I felt I needed to lose weight because of arthritis issues in my legs. I knew that I would need to have a knee replaced, which I did at the age of 45. I had lost around  45 pounds that time around.

I figure in my adult years, I have probably lost collectively over 200 pounds. Problem has been that after I lose, I gain back and then some. And I feel that maybe I'm in the majority. I change my eating habits then get too lax when I lose enough to get into a good size pants. Weight goes back on until something happens that makes you want to lose again.

I know I need to make some permanent changes as yo yo dieting is dangerous. I'm not big enough for the Biggest Loser ranch, but  I have access to a fitness center at my place of employment. And I think with internet access, ignorance is not an option when it comes to eating better.

Hopefully I still have some recovery bloggers reading my blog. If they have any friends from OA, I would more than welcome their comments.


Syd said...

One of my sponsees is in OA. He is now trim but continues with the program to remain so. It has helped him. And he is also in AA and Al-Anon. Lots of 12 step work. Happy New Year to you.

Ms Hen said...

I know folks in my Al-Anon and ACOA group that go to OA. I would not even know since they are not overweight at all anymore. They practice the AA 12 Step Program.

You are right you have to do it for yourself. I stay a size 4 because I know I still have one more child to raise; and I just turned 50 in April.. I feel it is my duty to stay in excellent health for him as a parent. (so in a sense he is my motivation to stay healthy). I make sure to walk alot too. And eat healthy 90% of the time (only 90%... lol).

I was dating someone who came in 2nd last year and now 3rd this year in Men's Best bodies and he is 53... (no sterioids); just healthy eating always and exercises 3 hours a day (too much for; but moderation in all things is important.

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks for your comments Syd and Betty Ann. People need to realize that over eating is just as serious as alcoholism and drug abuse.

It's just more socially acceptable to go into a buffet than a crack house. But we, as a people pay just as much for the long term effects of overeating as we do substance abuse.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year Cliff. I'm scared to diet because of my anorexic past. and I couldn't right now if I wanted too. I'm recovering from surgery last week. Anyway If you gget good anwsers pass them my way.